Always helping me reframe and go DEEPER. I'm a yogi at heart and still resist doing even a "few stretches" in the morning, even when *I know* it will open my body up and feel good. I can easily do ALL THE YOGA while in class and I have a Tuesday class flow going. Time, logistics, mindset? All might be barriers. So I've let that go. Your piece today is helping me think about the possibilities going forward. ✨️

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I think you have a new book in the works with this subject of 'discipline.'

I have always found the word and associated feelings rather discomforting. And I have even played the proud rebel role with my utter lack of discipline. But at the end of the day, I often wish I had a little more, ah, discipline. I find your approach of self-care much more appealing, even do-able, and looking at alternative words like determination or commitment is also very helpful.

I hope you pursue this line of thought in a new book.

All the best, Monty

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Discipline promotes self-knowledge

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