Hello! I’m Dr. Kate Henry, a former academic, current Productivity coach, always writer.

I’m also a chronically ill, sober, queer femme nerd who loves slow fashion, ceramics, and writing. I’ve been researching productivity and slow living since 2018, and have published over a hundred blog posts, twice-a-month newsletters, and a book, Tend to It: A Holistic Guide to Intentional Productivity.

Two years before I finished my PhD I developed severe back pain and what I would come to learn was chronic illness. Deciding a future in the hustle culture of academia wasn’t for me, I gave myself an ultimatum: if I could blog weekly for a whole year about my newfound fascinations—productivity, slow living, workaholism—then I could say goodbye to the faded dream I’d been pursuing for decades: a tenure track professorship.

That year-long project turned into two years of weekly blogging, I finished the PhD, and I launched my coaching business in 2020. Since then, I’ve been supporting academics through 1-on-1 coaching, workshops, courses, and writing.

I am thrilled to expand my offerings this year through my Substack, where I’ll explore independent scholarship on the things that fascinate me the most.

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When you subscribe for tending, you’ll have access to my research, practice, and pondering. Here are some of the things I’ll share:

  • Slow Productivity aka productivity through the lens of slow living

  • Hacking productivity as someone who lives with chronic illness

  • Knowledge work, specifically in the realm of academia, publishing, and entrepreneurship

  • Small and big ways I’m trying to disconnect my worth from my productivity

  • Things I read, watch, and play

  • Recommendations that I think you’d enjoy

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If you’d like to dive a little deeper and support me in my work, I welcome you to become a paid subscriber for $5 dollars a month or $50 a year. Here’s what I’ll share with paid subscribers:

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  • 10% off Success & Accountability Coaching Packages

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Paid subscribers help me to create more space in my days to focus on sharing writing and slow productivity resources. Regardless if you are a free or paid subscriber, I’m grateful that you’re spending some time with me.

I welcome you to reach out via email (kate@katehenry.com) or via the Substack app if you have any questions.


Dr. Kate


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Former academic turned independent scholar sharing my research, practice, and pondering on productivity, slow living, and other curiosities.


Dr. Kate Henry

Former academic (MFA, MA, PhD), forever scholar of sustainable and well-being-oriented productivity. Author of Tend to It: A Holistic Guide to Intentional Productivity.